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  3-in-1 Erect, Load, Seal RSC Packer
Wraparound Style Robotic Case Packer 3-in-1 Erect, Load, Seal RSC Packer

3-in-1 Erect, Load, Seal RSC Packer Switchback Group is proud to offer both END LOAD and TOP LOAD erect, load and seal options for RSC style cases.

The CP-4V (Robotic Top Load) and CP-25 (Servo Sweep End Load) machine offerings both handle the full range of erecting the case, loading, and sealing (tape or glue) RSC style cases. Numerous in-feed collation systems (servo divider, down-stacking, up-stacking, crowd-feed, etc.) are possible with both machines to handle a wide array of products, from folding cartons to bottles to clam shells.

Both machines offer extended powered case magazines at ergonomic heights, lug style case carrying chains to ensure case squaring during loading and sealing, along with servo robot loading (top load) or servo sweep loading (end load).

With so many customers in need of maximized floor space, the 3-in-1 concept is ideal for tight spaces and inline packaging.


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