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  Inline and Right Angle Tri-Seal Closers
Tri-Seal Tuck Flap

Inline and Right Angle Tri-Seal Closers Switchback Group offers both Inline and Right Angle Tri-Seal Closers for a variety of top load carton closing applications.

The TL-3S Inline Tri-Seal Closer uses a positive turning flight and chain combination to ensure carton turning in the machine for the purpose of flap folding. An overhead Charlotte Flap Tucker ensures that the front flap will be as square when sealed. High speeds are possible with the TL-3S Inline style machine.

The Traycloser Model 3FL Right Angle Tri-Seal Closer provides an efficient, open and easy to maintain means of closing your tri-seal cartons. With a range up to 14" long and 8 1/2" wide, plus carton speeds up to 90 cpm, the model 3FL provides the flexibility and speed to cover a wide range of top-load cartoning applications.

Whatever the application, our Tri-Seal Closer offerings can meet and exceed your speed and reliability requirements.


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