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  Clowe and Altech Labelers

Clowe Labelers The Clowe Labeler is a unique machine on the market. The Clowe Labeler offers outstanding performance at a much lower price than comparable designs, and rivals speeds of more costly rotary machines.
The Clowe Labeler is highly versatile, as the same machine can run various sizes of metal cans, glass plastic bottles. Changeover is accomplished in just minutes.
Recent enhancements have further reduced changeover times, trimmed the number of wearing parts, and improved machine reliability and performance.
The Clowe Labeler offers high cycle rates, supreme versatility and lower cost of ownership.
  • Now Direct drive on conveyor, main belts and glue pot.
  • AC Variable frequency drives allow for tighter speed control.
  • Elimination of lap pot-New single pot uses 2/3 less glue than conventional glue rollers.
  • New Label retention system handles plastic and foil labels with no ripped labels.
  • Changeover is easier with the new label hopper hardware.
Model 50
  • Up to 5" dia. cans or bottles
  • Wraparound or spot labels
  • Inexpensive change parts
Model 70
  • Up to 7" bottles and cans
  • Can run gallon paint cans with ears
  • Economical - compare speed and price to rotary machines.
Diameter of Cans/Bottles
  • Model 50: 1.5" to 5.5"
  • Model 70: 2.0" to 7.0"
  • Special sizes available
Label Length
  • Model 50: up to 16.5"
  • Model 70: up to 23"
  • Model 50: 1.25" or 2" belt width
  • Model 70: 3.25" or 4.5" belt width
  • Height: 38.5" +/- 2"
Glue System
  • Hot melt pickup glue
  • Hot melt lap glue or cold resin lap
  • 230/460 3 phase, 60 cycle (others available)
  • Nominal usage, 90 PSI required
Shipping Weight
  • 2500 lbs

Altech Labelers Switchback Group is proud to be the North American distributor for Altech (Italy) Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machines. Altech has been building innovative labeling equipment since 1991. Whether you need to label round bottles, trigger spray bottles, F-style cans, cosmetic containers, or cartons, Clowe and Altech can help.
  • Al LINE Linear Labelling systems(PDF)
  • Al RITMA Self-adhesive label applicator microprocessor (PDF)

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