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AI-2H Brewpack 200 Cartoner

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AI-2H Brewpack 200 Cartoner

The AI-2H Brewpack 200 is our high speed, intermittent motion, servo load style cartoner for can lines.  With a wide variety of in-feed carton and can sizes available we can offer a solution for most smaller can line applications.

Featuring a recirculation conveyor to reduce back pressure and tight control over the cans throughout the collation cycle, we can receive cans from your line in a variety of ways and control them through the loading process.

The AI-2H BP200 features rugged design for high performance and longevity.  It features as standard, Allen Bradley Kinetix servo drives for controlling the product load, flights chains, and carton erector.

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We also offer quick-change ability to different can diameters (SLEEK, SLIM) for the most flexible platform available on can lines.


  • ifm Vision system for sensing down cans
  • Multi diameter product quick change
  • Extended Variety pack infeed lanes