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AM-3H Sleever

Horizontal Cartoners

Switchback Group is proud to offer the most versatile End Load Cartoners on the market. Whether you want to manually load products into cartons or your application requires a full automatic in-feed system for end-loaded or sleeve-wrapped components we have a machine offering for you. We can customize each of our machines to work with your cartons and products whether you need 20 cartons per minute or 500 cartons per minute. Ask us how we can accomplish your application.

AM-3H Sleever

The AM-3H is our continuous motion sleever/cartoner.  With a wide variety of in-feed options and pack pattern capabilities the AM-3H is a versatile machine.


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Automatic product collation is designed to handle product coming to us directly from your production lines.

The AM-3H features rugged design for high performance and longevity.

  • 50-200 sleeves/min
  • Rotary Carton/Sleeve Placer
  • Stainless Steel frame


  • Wash-down capability
  • Infeed Collation