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BGF-12 Trayformer

Tray & Carton Formers

Switchback Group offers its Trayforming and Closing equipment, with over 35 years in the packaging industry. We specialize in the conceptual development, design, and manufacture of high quality equipment including trayformers, tray closers, flap closers, and rotary carton openers.

BGF-12 Trayformer

The BGF, or Brewery Glue Former, is designed specifically to form standard corrugated beverage distribution trays with an ability to form at up to 12 trays per minute, at the most economical price possible.

The BGF features simple tray replenishment during operation, easy-to-maintain glue daubers and pots for glue application, and the option to add a takeaway conveyor for tray removal after forming.

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Allen Bradley PLC control, operator touch screen, and rugged frame design make this an affordable yet highly durable machine platform to reduce labor and corrugated usage.


  • Discharge Conveyor up to 25’
  • Light Stack