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LS/SLS Series Trayformers

Tray & Carton Formers

Switchback Group offers its Trayforming and Closing equipment, with over 35 years in the packaging industry. We specialize in the conceptual development, design, and manufacture of high quality equipment including trayformers, tray closers, flap closers, and rotary carton openers.

LS/SLS Series Trayformers

The LS/SLS (Locking Style) series of tray and carton formers are designed to handle turnover and locking corner style trays.  Dual heads are available, and quick-change tooling sets allows for multiple tray sizes to be run on the same machine.

The LS/SLS features controlled, auto-advance carton magazines, and specifically designed tooling sets to meet the needs of each individual locking tray style.  With one main drive motor this unit is simple to maintain.  Allen Bradley VFD’s give us the ability to control the speed of the forming heads more precisely for rapid return strokes, and more gentle plunge-forming of the blanks.

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Allen Bradley PLC control, operator touch screen, and rugged frame design make this a highly durable machine platform to reduce labor and board usage.

Both chipboard and corrugated materials can be run on the LS and SLS Series machines.




  • Discharge Conveyance
  • Downstream Carton Closers Available
  • Dual Head Tooling