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TP-15 Traypacker

Tray Packers

TP-15 Traypacker

Our TP-15 Traypacker is our intermittent motion, servo load style traypacker for both brewery and general tray-packing applications.  With a wide variety of in-feeds available we can offer a solution for most applications.  On the brewery side, we can handle incoming end-load cartons/wraps, Pak-tech 4 and 6 packs, soft ring 4 and 6 packs, as well as shrink bundled and loose cans.

General applications include jars, bottles, aseptic packages, cartons and other rigid products.  Automatic collation solutions are customized for each application.

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The TP-15 features rugged design for high performance and longevity.  It features Allen Bradley Kinetix servo drives for controlling the product load, as well as the option for servo control on flights chains, tray erecting, and in-feed functions.


  • Additional Servo Axes
  • Collation Variation
  • Orbital Erector