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WA-25 Wrap Around Case Packer

Case Packing

Switchback Group offers the most technically advanced Case Packing machinery on the market. Our high speed SL-4V Robotic Case Packer will handle all your RSC and HSC loading applications. Whether you need to pack frozen vegetables, plastic wrap cartons or bottles, our robotic solutions can handle high speed collation and packaging. The WA-25 Wraparound Style Case Packer offers a small footprint for tight spaces with the tight pack capabilities of a wraparound blank. Servo in-feeds will guide your products into the case with precision and reliability.

WA-25 Wrap Around Case Packer

The WA-25 serves as our machine platform for Wraparound Case Packing.  A servo side-load machine, the WA-25 (and WA-15) can handle a wide array of products and corrugated wraparound cases.  We have built machines that handle 6’ long case blanks, so the size of product and/or case is not necessarily a limiting factor.

We customize solutions for collating the products customers bring to us.  Almost every machine has some unique product in-feed, collation and control solution required.  Bottles, heat sealed jars/cups, floor tiles stacks, snack foods, cartons, clamshells, and wound material are examples of products we have packed on the WA machine platform.

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The WA-25 is a rugged, heavy-duty design built to withstand difficult environments.


  • Up-stacking Collators
  • Servo Adjust Changeover
  • Product Inverters